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Segment of Ashby Road from Cotton Mill Pond to base of Stowell Road

Gentm Selectmen of Ashburnham

We the subcrebers wish you to assent an article in the warrant to see if the town will open the road from Levi Rices to Samuel Dunsters.

Feb. 9, 1821

Jacob Whitman, Lemuel Whitney, John Caldwell, Jesse ?

(This would be the space of Ashby Road near Charlie Collins house to the base of Stowell Road as it originally went over the hill to Marshall Mills Road previously)

Stearns Road

Ashburnham September 19, 1814

The following is the course and distance of a road laid out by the select men of Ashburnham beginning at a stake and stones on the Westwardly side of a town road against or oposite of the West end of William Stearnses Barn thence North 28 deg. 30 min. East 19 rods and 15 links to a stake and stones in the State Line said road is laid out two rods wide and lyes on the Eastwardly side of said lines.

Surveyed by Matthias Mosman

Elisha White

William Lawrence   Selectmen       Addendum: expecting them to move 3/4 of the wall Feb. 3, 1815

off of Harris Road or off of Byfield Road?

Ashburnham, April 29th 1814

The courses and distances of a road laid out this day in the Northwardly part of said Ashburnham, beginning at a stake and stones near Jonas Willards house.

Thence S 38deg. E. 48 rods, 5 links to a spruce stub & stone

Thence S 67deg. 45' E. 16 rods to a small spruce tree marked

Thence S 46deg. E. 12 rods, to a yellow birch, marked

Thence S 19deg. 15 W 24 rod, 22 links to a white pine tree marked

Thence S 10deg. 15 E 54 rod, 21 links to a stake and stones

on the northwardly side of a road leading from Capt. Silas Willard to said Ashburnham Meeting House, standing in a valley.  The bounds of said road standing on the Westwardly side of said road, two rods wide, surveyed by Matthias Mosman

The above described road we the subscribers laid out as a bridle road for the benefit of Jonas Willard and others agreeable to the above designation.

Elisha White

John Willard   Selectmen of Ashburnham