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Capital Campaign Fund Help Us Repair The Historic Meeting House

Capital Campaign Fund


Current Condition

Although our building did receive considerable roof repair from a state grant several years ago, ongoing, age-related repairs continue to show their faces.

We can not get by with our looks alone, although we are a handsome group!

Cellar, water, floor, and window issues keep marring our makeup and we don't function as well when the mascara is running down the cheeks.

We know that we constantly ask for money, well we have no other income, but there are two ways to donate.  Your annual membership pays the insurance to keep the doors open.

BUT, if you would like to help with some plastic surgery to help keep the face lifted, our building fund could use a little boosting.  Any amount would greatly be appreciated.

Our mailing address is on the home page and phone numbers are at the bottom of the Annual letter.

Thank you for your consideration and help!



A Year in Review


So another summer is past and we are planning for next season.  Some of our events we intend to carry over and continue as yearly events.

The Art Show was a big success; the setup worked well and will be continued with some minor modifications.  The excitement is high as we embark on our future digitization and cataloging of our collection and its' reams of files and folders of every size, shape, and configuration.  There has been a computer donated along with a printer and scanner to assist us in our entry into the digital world.

 We are developing and furthering the work of our Resource Committee and this letter signifies the start of our Capital Campaign.  The Board of Directors and I are looking forward to an exciting new outlook and the results of a core of hard-working volunteers working hand in hand with the professionals in reworking and repairing our beloved Meeting House Museum.

 Our in-house "Clerk of the Works" has professional contractors waiting in the wings, eager to begin repairing the roof structure and to go forward with the needed repairs necessary to allow our building and its one and only collection to move forward and support our historical needs into the future.

 Our membership has a new way to sign up.  The categories are relative to how much you can contribute to the cause and are laid out in interesting ways.  We will be looking into a Bequeathment Program as part of our fundraising effort.

 Please sign up, sign in, or lend your financial support to our humble Capital Campaign and get in with us on the ground floor of our exciting journey toward the rebuilding and securing of our future at the Meeting House Museum.

 With these kinds of projects, money is always an issue; we hope you can support this effort financially with a generous donation to add to our Capital Campaign Fund.

 Either way, come join us, be part of our resurgence.  Sign up again as a valued previous member or sign up and donate for the first time, come be a part of something exciting with us, and enjoy our summer programs, our Saturday openings, and the fun events we have planned for the upcoming season.


See You at the Museum!


George E. Cornwall Jr.

President, Ashburnham Historical Society Inc.



Grant Award

The President of the Ashburnham Historical Society Inc. is pleased to announce that the Society is the recipient of $180,000 in grant funds awarded under the CDBG Promoting Community Development & Tourism.  With these funds, important repairs will be performed to preserve the Historic Meeting House.