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Fish Story from Bob Heinbokel

Back in the late 1950's, the Neville family, Harry who owned the drugstore and his wife Mary, who owned the hardware store, built two cottages on Lake Winnekeag, now located on Winnecowett Shores.

One day, Joe Poitras, a deep-sea fisherman from town stopped at the Brick Store (as the hardware store was called) to show Mary a sand shark he had caught that day.  She, being a lake fisherman, asked if she could have it?  Joe gladly gave it to her as he doubted it was eatable.

After the two Nevilles closed their stores and retired to the lake, Mary placed the shark in the water at the end of the dock, Harry had no clue.

Mary went to her fishing and Harry snoozed in his chair on the beach until Mary hollered, "I've got a tremendous Bass!"

Harry ran to her aid to help her pull it in then ran to the cottage for the camera.  This had to be the largest Bass ever!

The next day the town was buzzing about the large Bass caught at Winnekeag.  Mary was smug about the whole story while Harry was aglow.

The pictures arrived several days later and Harry was proudly showing them off, until Joe Poitras went to the drug store, saw the pictures and said "well that's the sand shark I gave to Mary."

It took awhile for Harry to forgive Mary but became a fish story he would tell for many years.

Bob Heinbokel reported this 1993